Kamala Harris Urges Ceasefire & Aid Surge in Gaza Crisis

The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, called on Sunday for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and exerted strong pressure on Israel to increase the flow of aid to alleviate what she called "inhumane" conditions and a "humanitarian catastrophe " for the Palestinian people, reports

Harris' statements were among the most decisive to date from a high-ranking American government official urging Israel to improve conditions in Gaza.

The Vice President, speaking at an event organised in Selma, Alabama, to commemorate "Bloody Sunday," when state troops beat peaceful protesters, urged Hamas to accept a hostage release agreement that would initiate a six-week ceasefire and allow for additional aid delivery.

"People in Gaza are starving. The conditions are inhumane , and our common humanity obliges us to act," Harris said. "The Israeli government must do more to significantly increase the flow of aid. There are no excuses."

Israel boycotted ceasefire talks in Gaza on Sunday in Cairo after Hamas rejected its request for a complete list of hostages still alive, according to an Israeli journal.

"Hamas claims it wants a ceasefire. Well, there's an agreement on the table. And as I said, Hamas must agree to this agreement. Let's get a ceasefire. Let's reunite hostages with their families. And let's provide immediate assistance to the people of Gaza ," Harris said.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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