Germany-Russia Clash: Row Erupts Over Crimea Attack Plan

A firestorm has erupted over leaked recordings allegedly featuring German military officials discussing an attack on the Crimean Bridge.

Le Monde
Sursa: Le Monde

The German Ambassador to Russia was summoned before the Foreign Ministry to answer for the purported plot.

The recording, which surfaced online, features voices believed to be German officials talking about supplying weapons to Ukraine, a potential strike on the Kerch Bridge (linking Crimea to mainland Russia), and Ukrainian use of Taurus missiles.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius dismissed the recording as a fabrication, calling it part of Russia's "information war" on the West. He believes the purpose is to sow discord within Germany.

"This is clearly an attempt to undermine our unity and disrupt our domestic politics," Pistorius stressed. "We must not let Putin succeed in dividing us. This is exactly his goal, and we must firmly oppose it. In any dispute arising from the Taurus issue or anything related to this phone conversation, we must remain united. Ultimately, unity is crucial."

The authenticity of the recording remains unconfirmed, but it has undeniably strained relations between Germany and Russia. Both sides are accusing each other of attempting to destabilize the other.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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