Moldova: Transnistria Drone Attack Uninvestigated

Separatist security structures in Transnistria reported an alleged kamikaze drone attack in Rîbnița, targeting a radar station within a paramilitary unit.

The Bureau for Reintegration Policies warned that the Tiraspol regime may be orchestrating a campaign of provocations to attract international attention.

"The latest incident has garnered less attention. In the case of the first, we made an official request, including to Tiraspol, for more information on the file, both through the Joint Control Commission and the Bureau for Reintegration Policies. We have not yet made such a request regarding the second case, but will engage in discussions with Tiraspol in the near future," stated Oleg Serebrian.

Previously, secessionist structures staged the detonation of a helicopter at a militarised airfield in Tiraspol. On Thursday, Chișinău will host the Reintegration Forum, with expected attendance from representatives of Ukraine, the European Union, and the OSCE.

Deputy Prime Minister Serebrian announced that these issues will be addressed. Currently, constitutional authorities lack access to the region in order to investigate the alleged incidents.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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