Dorin Recean at the Three Seas Summit: We will build a developed and strong region, where all nations will prosper

The Republic of Moldova is taking decisive steps to speed up the European path and to transform the most important sectors, said Prime Minister Dorin Recean at the ninth edition of the Three Seas Summit.

In his speech, the Prime Minister emphasized the need for cooperation at the regional level, in a period of turbulence generated by the war of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, in which our country is affected economically, but also from the point of view of security.

"We manage to maintain peace and order throughout the country, and regional collaboration in promoting security makes us even more resilient. As a candidate country for EU integration, we share the same priorities as the member states of the Three Seas Initiative", said Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

The Head of the Executive also referred to the opening of the Republic of Moldova to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine, mentioning the importance of consolidating the efforts, resources and expertise of the states to overcome all challenges. "By investing in collaboration and capitalizing on our common interests in infrastructure, energy and digitalization, we can build a developed and strong region where all nations will prosper," said Dorin Recean.

We remind you that the Three Seas Summit is held annually in order to promote economic development, to increase cohesion at the European level and to strengthen transatlantic ties. The Republic of Moldova has the status of an associated country.

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