The Transnistrian dispute, discussed by the Chisinau authorities and the OSCE acting chairperson Ian Borg

Regional security challenges, aspects related to the Transnistrian regulatory process, energy security were discussed by the Chisinau authorities and the OSCE acting chair person Ian Borg, Ian Borg, who is visiting the Republic of Moldova. During the meeting, President Maia Sandu mentioned that "the only way to reunify the country is the peaceful one, through negotiations, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova within the internationally recognized borders".

Borg also met with Prime Minister Dorin Recean. During the dialogue, the Prime Minister appreciated Malta's support for the European agenda of the Republic of Moldova and emphasized the role of the OSCE in identifying lasting solutions for the Transnistrian conflict.

"The Government's actions are aimed at improving the lives of citizens both on the right bank and on the left bank, and our priority objective remains the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the great family of the European Union," said the prime minister.

The officials discussed the topics related to the energy security of the country, the development of trade with the European Union, but also the promotion of human rights. With reference to the Transnistrian conflict, the 1+1 negotiation format was encouraged, as well as other measures aimed at strengthening confidence between the parties.

Oleg Serebrian reported to the head of the OSCE about "the politicized positions of Tiraspol, especially on the issue of farmers in the Dubăsari district and on the situation of Romanian-language schools in the Transnistrian region". Similarly, the deputy prime minister also emphasized that the amendments made to the Criminal Code in no way affect the negotiation process. In Tighina, the so-called president of the Transnistrian region, Vadim Krasnosleski, accused Chisinau of preventing the implementation of agreements with Tiraspol.

We remind you that the visit of the OSCE acting chairperson takes place a day after the Reintegration Forum of the Republic of Moldova was held in Chisinau, where Moldovan officials emphasized that it is difficult to talk about settling the dispute as long as Ukraine is at war.

Ukrainian diplomacy reiterated that it supports the resolution of the conflict, only that it will not sit down at the negotiating table with the Russian Federation in the 5+2 format. The Tiraspol administration, which was not invited to this Forum, qualified it as "a sign of escalation".

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