US Ambassador to the UN: There is currently no direct military threat to the Republic of Moldova

The United States of America does not currently see any direct military threat to the Republic of Moldova. However, our country is at the forefront of Russia's efforts to diminish democracy globally and undermine democratic governments in an attempt to sow political disunity and chaos. The statements belong to the Deputy to the U.S. Representative to the UN, Ned Price, who gave an exclusive interview to Moldova 1 TV.

Moldova 1
Sursa: Moldova 1

"We spoke publicly about Russia's actions to try and undermine the position of President Sandu and the Government, precisely because the President and the Government have a courageous position based on principles, being on the side of freedom and democracy. Moscow does these things in several ways. And you and we know the effects and power of disinformation, and Moscow has started a war of disinformation in this region. Our goal is to continue to be with Moldova to support it in a practical way against attempts to undermine the democratic government and the President".

According to the official, the Republic of Moldova can count on the full support of the United States.

“We work closely when it comes to fighting disinformation through what we call the State Department's Global Engagement Center, which is responsible for detecting and countering state-sponsored disinformation globally. We recently exchanged information with our partners from Moldova, we also offer financial support to Moldova. We want to help Moldova become more resilient in front of them so that Moldova can resist Moscow's efforts".

You can watch the full interview with Ned Price, the deputy US Ambassador to the UN, on Monday, April 15, on the "In Context" show, starting at 7:00 p.m.

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