A mother and five children from the village of Tașlîc, Grigoriopol, died of smoke poisoning

Tragedy in the village of Tașlîc, Grigoriopol, on the left side of the Nistru. A mother and five children died after they were poisoned by smoke. The bodies were discovered this morning by a neighbor. The man found it suspicious that the neighbor did not take the cow out to graze, so he decided to check the household.

When he entered the woman's house, everything was full of smoke. In one room, he found three boys breathless, and in the next room were the mother and the two little girls. One of the eight-year-old girls showed signs of life. The neighbor called the ambulance, but until the doctors arrived, the child died.

According to the so-called interior ministry in the region, the tragedy occurred due to a short circuit of the TV. The mother was 28 years old, and the youngest child - only two years old.

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