Moldova Launches Education Week to Revamp Schools

Moldova's Ministry of Education is launching "Education Week," a nationwide initiative aimed at mobilising public support for improving the country's education system.

The slogan for the initiative is "Moldova for Education."

Education Week will feature a series of events designed to address key challenges facing the education sector. Minister of Education Dan Perciun announced the initiative at a press conference today, emphasising the need for a collective effort to enhance the quality of education in Moldova.

"Our goal is to unite society behind a common purpose: improving education in the Republic of Moldova," Minister Perciun stated. "We face significant structural challenges, but by working together, we can overcome them."

Perciun highlighted the concerning results of the 2023 PISA assessment, which revealed that half of Moldovan students do not achieve the minimum level of competency. The teacher shortage in Moldovan schools was also identified as a pressing issue.

Education Week kicks off on Thursday, April 25th, at the Mediacor convention centre. The week-long program will encompass a variety of activities, including events to promote teaching careers, discussions on identifying and addressing educational problems, and sessions featuring educators, students, parents, international partners, and representatives from the business community.

On the first day, Education Week will formally launch at Mediacor. The event will welcome representatives from the eleven companies that have pledged financial support to the "Model Schools Network" project, spearheaded by the Moldovan president. The Ministry of Education will extend this appeal for collaboration to other companies as well.

The second day will focus on human resources in education. The agenda will explore strategies to make teaching careers more attractive, improve teacher training programs, and promote effective leadership practices within the education system. A presentation by the National Institute of Education and Leadership is planned, along with a visit from a representative of the British Schools College.

The third day of Education Week, on Saturday, will delve into issues surrounding curriculum development and enhancing the relevance of technical education programs. The Ministry of Education will unveil its educational vision for the coming years, extending to 2027. A separate event geared towards parents will address the challenges faced by adolescents. Additionally, there will be game-based learning workshops for educators and parents.

The closing ceremony of Education Week will be held on Sunday, April 28th, at the Chișinău Arena. Roughly 3,000 high school graduates from across Moldova are expected to attend an exhibition showcasing teaching professions, organised by Moldovan universities.

A separate event, geared towards future professions, will be held at the Mediacor centre on the same day. This event aims to encourage graduates to pursue higher education. An art education session for teachers, led by instructors from the University of Arts in Bucharest, will also be offered.

The Ministry of Education encourages the public to participate in Education Week. The full schedule of events will be available on the Ministry's website, educaț, and all events will be livestreamed.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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