Moldova Frost Warning: Protect Orchards & Vineyards

The State Hydrometeorological Service (SHS) has issued a yellow frost warning, in effect on Tuesday, April 23.

According to the SHS, temperatures could drop as low as -3 degrees Celsius overnight and in the early morning hours.

"Widespread frost is expected at ground level with an intensity of -1 to -3°C, with isolated occurrences in air pockets at -1 to -2°C," the SHS indicated.

According to specialists, frost poses a significant threat to flowering trees, potentially destroying a large portion of the crop. Apricot, peach, sour cherry, sweet cherry, apple, walnut, and hazelnut trees are particularly vulnerable. Early varieties of grapes are also susceptible to damage.

Field crops are less susceptible to late spring frosts due to their lower sensitivity. In most cases, the critical stages of plant growth occur outside of periods of frost. Only in rare instances, when frost occurs very late in the season, are field crops significantly affected.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry advises that plantations can be protected during this period by fumigation, irrigation (to heat the soil surface), hot air heaters, ventilation, or by implementing agrotechnical measures that influence the thermal properties of the topsoil and radiative processes at the ground level.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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