Comrat Gets New Sewage System, Clean Water

Approximately 400 households in the municipality of Comrat will gain access to a new sewage system as part of a major infrastructure modernization project.

Construction of a new water main is also underway in the Zaealpujie neighbourhood, and residents will soon have access to potable running water.

The Zaealpujie neighbourhood is located on the outskirts of Comrat. Construction of a water main had previously begun in the area, but work was abandoned. Consequently, a sewage system has never been available, and residents have relied on septic tanks. Ana Arnaut, a resident of the neighbourhood, described the increasing burden this placed on residents, as the use of septic tanks was not a practical long-term solution.

"There has never been a sewage system on this street," Ms. Arnaut narrated. "Septic tanks were used, and wastewater flowed down the road, causing a persistent foul odour. It was impossible to open the doors and windows because of the stench that lingered day and night."

In addition to the sewage network, workers are now building a new water main.

"The entire water pipe, roughly 6.5 kilometres long, from Tankistov Street to Hristo-Botev Street, is being replaced," officials reported. "This will allow us to connect 450 households to the water supply. The government has approved funding of 10 million lei for the construction of a sewage system in the neighbourhood, and about 400 households will be connected to the new system."

Officials are committed to completing the water main project within the next few weeks. Construction of the sewage system will take longer to complete.

"We are striving to finish the work by Easter so that people can start using the new water main as soon as possible," said Andrei Evtodiev, a construction worker. "Weather permitting, we are working diligently. Of course, if it rains, we will have to stop work temporarily."

Municipal authorities consider providing high-quality water and sewage services to residents a top priority.

"This neighbourhood's location, with its groundwater presence, has always posed challenges for these types of projects," said Stepan Cara, deputy mayor of Comrat. "However, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the City Hall, the Government of the Republic of Moldova, and the National Fund for Regional and Local Development, we are thrilled to bring this remarkable project to fruition in our city."

The total cost of the project, implemented by the Comrat City Hall in collaboration with the Gagauzia Regional Development Agency and the National Fund for Regional and Local Development, is 15 million lei. After the completion of this work, the municipal authorities intend to carry out additional asphalt paving of roads in this neighbourhood.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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