Politics or Performance? Moldova's Eurovision Journey

Moldova's Eurovision representative, Natalia Barbu, addressed the media after failing to qualify for the competition's final.

While expressing disappointment and hinting at potential political influences in the contest, Barbu emphasised the positive aspects of her participation.

Barbu suggested that the competition might not solely focus on artistic merit, stating, "The contest seems heavily politicised, but that's irrelevant because my song embodies light and beauty. I firmly believe it resonated with many viewers."

Despite the setback, Barbu highlighted the valuable experience gained. "I am grateful for this opportunity," she expressed. "It was a privilege to perform at Eurovision and connect with the audience. This moment marks a significant new chapter in my career and life."

Barbu's song "In The Middle" did not qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final held in Malmö, Sweden. The grand finale will take place on May 11th, featuring qualifiers Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Cyprus, Croatia, Ireland, and Luxembourg.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Doina  Pozdirca

Doina Pozdirca


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