Investors, called to explore the potential of the Republic of Moldova. Dorin Recean: "We aim to be the friendliest state for business in the EU"

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Dorin Recean, participated, today, May 9, in the 10th edition of the Investment Conference from Central and Eastern Europe, hosted by Romania. The Prime Minister invited investors to explore the economic potential of the Republic of Moldova, noting the actions taken by the Government to create a favorable investment climate. The Prime Minister said that the Republic of Moldova aims to become, by 2030, "the friendliest state for business" in the European Union.

"We are debureaucratizing, digitalizing, modernizing, but above all we are integrating into the European Union with unprecedented speed. We aim to be the most business-friendly state in the EU by 2030," Prime Minister Dorin Recean said, according to a statement issued by the Government.

We remind you that Prime Minister Dorin Recean paid an official visit to Romania on May 9. The Head of the Cabinet of Ministers participated in the 10th edition of the Central and Eastern European Investment Conference. This year, the main theme of the international conference is the evolution of the capital markets in the last decade and future prospects. The participants in the debates analyzed the rate and direction of growth and development of the Central and Eastern Europe countries.

We remind that Romania has been the main commercial partner of the Republic of Moldova for 10 years, and political relations between the two states have intensified in recent years. In 2023, trade between the Republic of Moldova and Romania exceeded 3.5 billion dollars.

The neighboring country helped the Republic of Moldova during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to deal with the consequences of the war caused by Russia in Ukraine. Romania helped our country, including, in the context of the energy crisis in the fall of 2022. It should be noted that Bucharest is also a constant supporter of the process of bringing the Republic of Moldova closer to the European Union.

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