Report: Romania remains the main market for Moldovan goods

The Republic of Moldova remains vulnerable in terms of foreign trade in goods, due to its dependence on a small number of sales markets. At least that's what a report made by the experts of the independent analytical center "Expert-Grup" shows. According to the data, although the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union was created in 2014, our country did not make the most of this potential.

According to the "Expert-Group" report, until 2006, the main destination of exports was the Russian Federation. Over 30 percent of domestic goods went there. In recent years, the main market of our country is Romania, where we export around 35 percent of the total products. Also, Romania absorbs more than half of the export of Moldovan goods to European Union countries. Mostly, Moldovan goods reach the markets of Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.

We remind that foreign direct investments in the Moldovan enterprises sector increased at the end of last year by 20 percent compared to 2022. More precisely, it is a share of 86 percent of the total investments, which is more than three billion dollars. However, experts note that there are still some reserves and potential for economic progress, especially in the area of diversification of sales markets.

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