Tragedy on the Prut River: An Indian drowned after he was trying to reach Romania illegally

An Indian citizen drowned in the Prut river after he was trying to illegally cross the Moldovan-Romanian border. The tragedy happened on May 13, in the area of responsibility of the Lopatnic Border Police Sector.

According to the Border Police, a foreigner was spotted while moving hurriedly in the direction of the Pererîta-Cotu Miculinți border towns. He is a 44-year-old citizen of India.

After discussions with the law enforcement officers, he admitted that he and his friend tried to cross illegally into Romania by swimming. Tragedy struck when his comrade first entered the waters of the Prut River and drowned. Frightened by this situation, the foreigner retreated back to the Republic of Moldova, where he was spotted by the Border Police patrol.

As additional checks were initiated, almost three meters from the banks of the Prut, the patrol discovered a black short, a backpack and the body of the missing man.

Other competent authorities were also requested on the spot, through a call to the 112 Service.

Investigations into this incident are ongoing.

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