Moldova Busts Money Smuggling Ring from Moscow

The Customs Service announced the opening of a criminal case investigating the smuggling of approximately $130,000 and over 2.3 million lei into the country.

Passengers arriving from Moscow on two flights routed through Istanbul brought the money in late April and early May.

Law enforcement officials said that the nearly 50 passengers were transported together to and from the airport by buses on both their departure and return trips, when they were carrying the smuggled funds.

The Customs Service further stated that the passengers acted as money mules in an attempt to conceal the source and purpose of the money from the authorities.

In a separate incident, law enforcement officers seized over 20 million lei during 135 searches conducted on April 22nd. The individuals targeted in the searches were involved in establishing the "Victoria" Bloc, a political party led by the fugitive pro-Moscow politician, Ilan Șor.

The interim chief prosecutor of PCCOCS, Victor Furtună, alleged that the seized funds were intended for the illegal financing of political parties. He added that the searches took place at the Chișinău International Airport and that no arrests have been made so far.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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