Moldova's Political Landscape: Parliament Decisions, Protests, and Presidential Race

Upon the 16th of May, the decision was ratified during the plenary session of the Parliament with the endorsement of 56 deputies.

This legislative measure was adopted amidst critiques from the parliamentary opposition. In a protest gesture, deputies Marina Tauber and Vasile Bolea obstructed the parliamentary platform, compelling Veronica Roșca, Chairwoman of the Legal Affairs, Appointments, and Immunities Committee, to present the proposal from her seat.

"In this parliamentary chamber, you are staging spectacles. We shall not tolerate any insults directed at the President of Moldova. Thanks to President Maia Sandu, Moldova stands tall, and we shall not permit the pursuit of financial, criminal, and political interests aligned with the Kremlin. Moldova's trajectory towards the EU is guided by President Maia Sandu," affirmed PAS deputy Doina Gherman.

According to electoral legislation, the date of the presidential elections is determined by a decision of the Legislature, at least 60 days prior to the election day. Additionally, the presidential election must be held no later than 90 days before the expiration date of the President's term in office, in accordance with the Constitution.

Three years after her inauguration, President Maia Sandu announced her candidacy for a new term.

The President of the Republic of Moldova can be elected from among citizens eligible to vote who are at least 40 years old, have resided or permanently reside in the territory of the Republic of Moldova for no fewer than 10 years, and are proficient in the state language.

Andrei Năstase, the founder of the Dignity and Truth Platform (DA), also announced his candidacy for this year's presidential elections.

He is expected to participate in the election as an independent candidate.

Another political figure who declared his candidacy for the presidential elections is the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Tudor Ulianovschi.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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