Hidden Cash Bust at Moldova Airport: Passengers Caught

The Moldovan Customs Service announced that two passengers travelling from Istanbul to Chișinău attempted to smuggle over $83,000 into the country without declaring the cash.

Serviciul Vamal
Sursa: Serviciul Vamal

The incident occurred at the Chișinău International Airport customs post. Both passengers initially selected the "green corridor," indicating they had nothing to declare. However, customs officers flagged them for additional screening, which led to the discovery of $30,000 and $53,550 on their person.

According to the Customs Service, the two individuals involved are non-residents - a 29-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman. Neither passenger provided any explanation for carrying such a large sum of undeclared cash.

The Customs Service has seized the cash, and the Criminal Investigation Directorate is currently investigating the case.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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