EU Urgency: Minister Emphasises Attorney General Appointment

The appointment of the Attorney General stands as a crucial necessity demanding immediate attention, as emphasised by Minister of Justice Veronica Mihailov-Moraru during an interview on Pro TV.

Indeed, the designation of a Chief Prosecutor ranks among the prerequisites laid out by the European Union, particularly pertinent as official negotiations for our nation's accession to the EU loom at the end of June.

"We are convening the Council meeting to meticulously assess the admissibility of the submitted files, ensuring the comprehensive inclusion of all requisite documents and certifications. With this in mind, our objective is to expedite the interview process within a span of one to two weeks. This urgency is not only a priority but a mandatory step that must be promptly fulfilled. While I cannot stipulate a definitive date due to our collegiate structure, it is imperative that members of the CSP recognize the paramount importance of expediting this competition," remarked the minister.

Veronica Mihailov-Moraru elucidated that measures have been enacted, accompanied by revisions to the regulations governing prosecutor selection.

"We have made precise stipulations, addressing scenarios such as a limited candidate pool and the potential extension to ensure a genuinely competitive process and maximal file submissions. Furthermore, we have clarified the grounds for challenge. Our intention was to incorporate the solution concerning the application of the median, as advocated by civil society. Additionally, should it be discerned that a member has made deductions without substantiation, the CSP retains the authority to exclude their submission and proceed with the competition. These adjustments were implemented to prevent any potential cancellation of the competition due to a lack of legal provisions."

The significance of this appointment within the context of European integration was underscored by the Minister of Justice, who expressed hopes for a broader candidate pool.

"We had hoped for a more robust candidate turnout and conveyed this sentiment during the Superior Council of Prosecutors meeting. Assuming the role of Attorney General requires considerable courage; it entails significant responsibilities, especially given Moldova's current circumstances. However, possessing the requisite drive is equally paramount. The forthcoming Attorney General's tenure will be pivotal, with much to be accomplished in the realm of European integration," concluded Mihailov-Moraru.

Today, May 24th, the Superior Council of Prosecutors will convene in a closed session to review the submissions of the four contenders vying for the position of Attorney General. These include the current interim Attorney General, Ion Munteanu, Deputy Chief of the Anti Corruption Prosecutor's Office, Octavian Iachimovschi, Prosecutor Alexandru Cernei, and former university lecturer Grigore Vornicescu. The Council will ascertain whether the contenders meet the criteria for participation in the competition and will determine the scheduling and location of the interviews.

On April 15th, the Superior Council of Prosecutors initiated a fresh competition for the selection of an Attorney General, following the failure of the previous endeavour due to a scandal involving the deduction of points from a candidate. This time, the CSP has devised a new regulatory framework, consulting with experts from the European Commission to mitigate past obstacles.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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