Moldova Summer Camps: Fun & Affordable Stays for Kid

Summer camps across Moldova are finalising preparations to welcome tens of thousands of students this season.

Observatorul de Nord
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The camps will open their doors in a few days, offering multiple sessions lasting 10-12 days each.

A flurry of activity surrounds the La Dumbrava Camp in Soroca district as the fresh paint smell lingers in the air. The camp's 28 bungalows are being spruced up and equipped with everything necessary to ensure a comfortable stay for the children.

"We've finished painting the chairs, gazebos, benches – everything!" shared camp officials. "Now we're getting the bungalows ready, arranging beds, linens, and eagerly awaiting the children's arrival."

The La Dumbrava Camp staff is ensuring everything is in place for the children to have a relaxing stay. New gazebos and a mini-football field have been built for their enjoyment, and they'll also have access to the newly renovated swimming pool.

The camp will operate in two 10-day sessions. Traditionally, it welcomes children from across the Prut River in Romania, with four bungalows built thanks to contributions from the Vaslui and Buzău county councils.

"This year, the camp will be divided into two sessions accommodating 600 children," explained Victoria Pușcaș, director of La Dumbrava Camp. "Twenty percent of the spots in each session will be filled by full-paying participants, while another 40% will receive a 20% subsidy on the cost of their stay. The remaining spots will be filled by children from low-income families and those recognized for their academic achievements."

A stay at the camp costs 3000 Moldovan lei. During the 2024 summer season, 40 camps with full board and 60 day camps will open their doors across the country, expecting to welcome approximately 40,000 children.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Carolina Străjescu

Carolina Străjescu


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