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Voices from Abroad: Moldovan Citizens Speak on European Elections and Integration

Moldovan citizens residing in the diaspora, who hold both Moldovan and Romanian citizenship, made their voices heard in this year's European Parliament elections.

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They turned out in large numbers at polling stations opened by the authorities in Bucharest across European states. Teleradio-Moldova conducted interviews with several of them, revealing their desire for representatives in the Brussels legislature to advocate for the Republic of Moldova and support its European integration efforts.

"I participated in today's European elections because: 1. It is my fundamental right. 2. Women only began voting at the beginning of the 20th century, and 3. For someone originating from a country like the Republic of Moldova, a post-Soviet nation, the right to vote is an emotional connection to the Western world, which may not fully comprehend our struggles," shared Mariana Plămădeală, residing in Birmingham.

"On one hand, as citizens, we have a duty to engage in democratic processes within society; on the other hand, these elections are crucial as the upcoming European Parliament members will significantly impact the European trajectory of the Republic of Moldova," confidently expressed Doina Pînzari, based in Brussels.

"We fulfil our duty with honour. Today, Europe needs us, just as we once needed Europe. Personally, when I emigrated 28 years ago, Europe opened its doors wide for me," mentioned Larisa Colibaba from Milan in her interview with TRM.

"It is crucial to vote in the European elections because decisions such as the European single charger, the roaming program, and the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European Union are all determined by European deputies," emphasised Angelica Petrov, also based in Brussels.

"Being a Romanian citizen entails significant civic responsibility. As citizens with dual citizenship, and with a strong desire to integrate into our European community, our contribution is vital. Our future depends greatly on today's vote. Failing to vote correctly or abstaining altogether may result in someone unsupportive of the Republic of Moldova's accession to the European community taking our place," remarked Elena Chioibaș from Dublin.

"I have selected my representatives in the European Parliament, hoping they prioritise the impact of European laws on our lives. As a Romanian born in the Republic of Moldova, I considered the implications of the European elections on our European future," stated Ariadna Ignatiuc from Brussels, speaking to TRM.

"Today's elections mark Romania's first electoral test of the year. It is well-known that Romania has consistently supported the Republic of Moldova in its European integration efforts. Romanian MEPs in Brussels advocate not only for Moldovan interests but also demonstrate that civic support knows no boundaries," emphasised Antuanela Răileanu from Bucharest.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs set a record number of polling stations outside the country for the 2024 European Parliament elections on June 9, with a total of 915 polling stations.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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