Moldova Celebrates World Blood Donor Day: Donate Blood, Save Lives!

On World Blood Donor Day, celebrated annually on June 14th, countries around the globe participate in a campaign promoting blood donation.

This year's theme, "20 Years of Saving Lives, Thank You Blood Donor," emphasises the life-saving impact of blood donation.

In Moldova, Speaker of Parliament Igor Grosu urged citizens to donate blood during his opening remarks at a parliamentary session. He highlighted the importance of blood donation and announced the installation of mobile blood collection points throughout the country.

"I encourage everyone who is eligible to donate blood according to their doctor's advice," Grosu stated. "The knowledge that you've helped save lives is a great feeling."

Grosu also delivered a message of appreciation to medical professionals on the occasion of their professional day, which coincides with the third Sunday of June. He acknowledged the challenges facing the healthcare system but expressed optimism for future improvements.

According to the National Blood Transfusion Center, residents of Chisinau can donate blood at the Palace of the Republic... (details on locations remain unchanged).

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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