Chisinau Budget Stalled: Public Hearings Underway

Public hearings on the Chisinau municipal budget are ongoing this week. Meetings are being held with various parties, including councils, organisations, and stakeholders.

The head of the Municipal Finance Department, Olesea Pshenitchi, announced at the Chisinau Municipal Council meeting on Monday, June 17, that the municipal budget is undergoing public consultation until June 21st.

Public consultations will be held throughout the capital, and everyone, including municipal councillors, is invited to attend.

For example, on Monday, members of the Economic, Financial, and Business-Social Advisory Council, the Association of Foreign Investors of Moldova, the American Chamber of Commerce, the National Restaurant Association, and independent think tank IDIS "Viitorul" will discuss the budget.

The municipal budget for 2024 has estimated general revenues of 7.56 billion lei and expenditures of 8.2 billion lei. The Chisinau municipal budget was supposed to be approved in December 2023. It is now June, and the capital remains without a budget.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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