Moldova Gets EU Cash Boost for Farmers

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAIA) of the Republic of Moldova announced that pre-accession funds for agriculture will be available shortly.

State Secretary Vasile Șarban made the announcement during a conference on June 21st. In the interim, MAIA is urging Moldovan farmers to familiarise themselves with the procedures for accessing European funds. To this end, a national campaign will be launched on July 5th. Led by Deputy Prime Minister Vasile Bolea, MAIA representatives along with international participants from Austria and France will travel to all districts of Moldova to promote the establishment and importance of agricultural chambers.

"Pre-accession funds will be available imminently," stated Vasile Șarban. "While official notification is forthcoming, we have some internal hurdles to address. To effectively utilise these pre-accession funds, we must be prepared. We need a clear understanding of our goals and the steps required to achieve them. The singular purpose of pre-accession funds is to prepare our agricultural sector for future integration with the European Union. This preparation encompasses acquiring modern technologies to enhance competitiveness and efficiency, establishing proper working conditions for employees within these agricultural enterprises, and implementing practices that respect and preserve the environment."

The national campaign aims to advocate for the creation and effectiveness of agricultural chambers throughout Moldova. These chambers, envisioned as professional organisations with legal status, will serve as a unified voice for farmers in their interactions with the government and other stakeholders. The initiative, championed by Moldovan authorities as a "revolution" for the country's agricultural sector, has already garnered preliminary legislative approval. Following consultations with farmers, the draft legislation will be presented for a second parliamentary vote.

According to Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Bolea, thousands of small-scale farmers currently lack access to essential resources, including agricultural consulting services, modern technologies, and financial support. The future agricultural chambers are intended to address these gaps and empower these farmers.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Ecaterina Arvintii

Ecaterina Arvintii


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