Republic of Moldova was officially granted candidate status by EU two years ago

It turns two years since the Republic of Moldova was officially granted candidate status by EU. The steps taken so far on the European agenda were presented in a video published by the Chisinau authorities, and President Maia Sandu emphasized that intense work had been done to start the negotiations.

"Today we mark two years since we got the status of a candidate country for EU accession - two years of intense work to be able to launch the accession negotiations. Every day we work for our national objective - that of preparing the Republic of Moldova for accession by 2030", said Maia Sandu.

The signing of our country's application to join the European Union in March 2022 and obtaining the status of a candidate country in June of the same year are presented in the official video.

The Deputy Prime Minister for European integration, Cristina Gherasimov, the chief negotiator of our country, emphasized that, in the last two years, the Republic of Moldova managed to get closer to the European Union than ever, and will officially open the negotiations.

"We are preparing for the first intergovernmental conference. After that follows the bilateral screening, the opening and closing of the negotiation chapters, the signing and ratification of the European Union Accession Agreement. We step with confidence on our European path", said Cristina Gherasimov.

The Republic of Moldova and Ukraine will officially open accession negotiations during the first intergovernmental conferences on June 25. It will happen two years after those states obtained the status of candidate countries. On October 20, a constitutional republican referendum will take place in the country, regarding the accession to the European Union.

Rodica Mazur

Rodica Mazur


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