President Maia Sandu handed out state awards to people of culture from Moldova

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, handed out 53 state awards for successes in creative activity and professional mastery, through which personalities contribute to the promotion of the nation's spiritual values. The decree was signed on the occasion of the National Day of Culture, and among those nominated are directors, screenwriters, actors and performers.

Maia Sandu/Facebook
Sursa: Maia Sandu/Facebook

On this occasion, the head of state declared that the contribution of artists is considerable, especially now, when every day can be a new source of danger.

"Fortunately, our artists have not abandoned their vocation, and creative people have found the strength to fully manifest themselves as mentors, creators, promoters and defenders of the soul of these people", emphasised Maia Sandu.

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