Two minors arrived at the hospital in serious condition after falling into a cliff on the territory of the quarry in Micăuți

Two children, aged 10 and 11 from Micăuți, were rescued after falling into a ravine at the Micăuți stone quarry. Police say the alarm was raised by the children's parents after the minors went out to play on the afternoon of 11 February and did not return.

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Several police teams immediately set out to search for the minors, according to the police, who were later followed by representatives of the town hall, members of the hunters' association and a group of volunteers.

Following several hours of efforts and searches, today, around 11:00 am, the children have been found in a ravine on the territory of the stone quarry in Micăuți.

"Following the search it was established that the minors had been playing in the locality, then decided to leave on the territory of the stone quarry in Micăuți. At a certain point, in the place where they were, an earth bank collapsed and the children fell into a chasm with a depth of about 70-100 meters, being hit by boulders. They stayed there all night and were found and rescued by police officers in the morning. Thanks to everyone who helped us find the children alive," said the police. According to the source, at the moment the minors are in hospital, where they are being treated.

Police officers investigate all the circumstances of the case.

Ecaterina Arvintii

Ecaterina Arvintii


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