The negotiations in Tiraspol continue. On Friday, no consensus was reached

Government negotiations with representatives of the pro-Russian regime in Tiraspol continue. Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Serebrian declared that no agreement was reached with Vitali Ignatiev, the representative of the separatist authorities, regarding the resumption of electricity supply. Expectations are moderate, says Deputy Prime Minister Serebrian.

Tiraspol cut off electricity supplies after Russia's Gazprom cut gas supplies in half. The secessionist regime requested approximately 70 percent of the gas volumes, this while the large industrial producers on the right bank of the Dniester switched to fuel oil, and the Commission for Exceptional Situations ordered the saving of energy.

Tiraspol did not apply measures to reduce consumption. Therefore, the regime on the left of the Dniester demands the same proportions of gas redistribution in conditions of energy shortage.

To the left of the Dniester, there are almost 207,000 consumers who pay for a cubic meter of gas between 1 lei and 1.37 lei. On the right bank, the more than 725,000 consumers pay a price almost 30 times higher.

Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Serebrian said after the meeting with Vitali Ignatiev that other discussions will follow, he does not have high expectations, but did not give many details because the negotiations are continuing.

"Five possible scenarios, they are to be analysed from one side and the other. Chisinau came up with these five proposals, they are variable, both in terms of price and volume. Looking at the possibility of producing as large a volume as possible for consumers on the right bank", said the deputy prime minister for reintegration.

The government raised the issue of free movement on the left side of Dniester. The supply of medicines to the Transnistrian region was also discussed.

"Unfortunately, today we did not reach any solution to any problem, although we discussed in detail the issue of the import of medicines into Transnistria. Solutions are outlined but must be approved. We agreed to meet again until the end of the year. And of course, according to the principle of reciprocity, the next meeting will most likely be in Tiraspol", said the negotiator of the Tiraspol regime, Vitaly Ignatiev.

The meeting took place at the OSCE headquarters in Chisinau. The drivers of the Transnistrian delegation were fined for illegally parking and blocking a lane on Mateevici street.

Doina  Pozdirca

Doina Pozdirca


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