Sport in Japanese rhythm! Aikido is also practised with great passion in the Republic of Moldova

Aikido is a Japanese martial art and is based on the use of the opponent's strength through the application of articulation techniques and evasions. In this style of fighting, throws, sprains and chokes are used. Even though the origins of Aikido are deeply rooted in Japanese culture, it is also practised with great passion in the Republic of Moldova.

"It's not like in boxing or other kinds of wrestling, who is stronger and has physical strength then can practise aikido. Here it's not like that. You need willpower, patience and a good mood. Of course it's all based on a Japanese philosophy. We can say that it is a martial art that helps people to rediscover their abilities", said Sergiu Cartaleanu.

Being a purely defensive fighting style, aikido practitioners do not organise competitions, but regularly attend numerous seminars and demonstrations.

"It is a practical technique that uses the aiki principle, the principle of harmonising energies. The person we practise with is not an enemy. Conceptually it is a partner because by interacting we help each other to grow," says Andrei Osadciuc.

Aikido is and can be practised by people of any age, and one of the opportunities is the possibility to develop self-defence skills.

"Some friends invited me here. Right from the first training I learned all the essential procedures. After that I progressed and had a huge satisfaction. And now I have it too. How does it help me in my everyday life? I have had a few situations where someone tried to hit me and I managed to defend myself, using various procedures. And that's how I blocked them."

Aikido was founded by Japanese master Morihei Uesiba at the beginning of the last century. In Moldova, the National Aikido Federation was founded in the mid-1990s.

Radu Galbur

Radu Galbur


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