Anniversary exhibition "Chiril Novac - 90 years since birth"

He was fascinated by the splendours of nature, the faces of people, which he translated into paintings that today represent an incursion into the history of plastic art! We are talking about the painter Chiril Novac, whose work spans seven decades. Some of the artist's works can be admired at the anniversary exhibition "Chiril Novac - 90 years since his birth", which takes place at the "Constantin Brâncuși" Gallery in the capital.

In the self-portrait painted in 1980, Chiril Novac has a penetrating gaze, as if looking back over the decades towards the visitors of the exhibition of his works.

"At his 90th birthday, he never tires of organising this personal exhibition of works from different periods. We are sorry that, due to ill health, he could not attend this opening", says artist Dumitru Bolboceanu.

"He was dreaming, looking forward to the anniversary exhibition, but a month ago the misfortune happened, Chiril was paralyzed. The painter's whole life is in these works. One of the earliest was painted in 1956, and "The Shepherd Boy" was painted last summer," says the painter's wife Tamara Novac.

The works show the talent and strength of an artist who loved and respected art, say fellow painters.

"He is in love with the landscape, both the Bukovina and Bessarabian landscapes. At that time this kind of art was in great demand, it offered a freedom, it is a gentle painting, as he is", remarked the artist Florentin Leanca.

"It's interesting to look at the works of the 38 earliest sec, the 60s and 80s, when he was going to landscape, plain-air, nature, he went with great pleasure to immortalize these images of his native land", says artist Ghenadie Jalbă.

Originally from the village of Mămăliga, Hotin county, Chiril Novac studied in Chernăuți, then went to the school of fine arts in Chișinău, being mentored by great artists such as Rostislav Okușko, Ion Jumati, Mihail Grecu.

"The works, for the most part, map our aesthetic, visual, as well as geographical hold of our space. This is an artist who comes with a manifesto, oriented towards life, towards joy," says UAP President Florina Breazu.

In his long creative activity, Chiril Novac has also established himself as a painter-scenographer at the National Television.

The exhibition can be seen at the "Constantin Brâncuși" Gallery until 30 April.

Doina  Pozdirca

Doina Pozdirca


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