Soroca: The renovation project of the Museum of History and Ethnography "Nicolae Bulat" will end in September

The renovation and modernization works of the Museum of History and Ethnography "Nicolae Bulat" in Soroca municipality are in full swing. There are almost two months to go until the end of the project, and workers are working hard to finish the work on time.

The museum in Soroca became a construction site in July 2022. So far, the roof of the institution has been changed, the interior walls have been painted and several windows of the historic building have been renovated. Recently, 50 exhibition showcases worth 960 thousand lei have been installed inside the institution, and now work is underway to build an exhibition gallery in the museum's courtyard.

"Showcases are indispensable for the proper functioning of any museum. We made them according to our imagination and based on the capacity of the funds we have at the moment, and we have 32 thousand exhibits, many of which are very valuable objects. We will present them to our visitors", says the director of the Museum of History and Ethnography "Nicolae Bulat", Victor Botnaru.

This is the second project to modernise museum institutions in the north of the country, financed from national funds. The architect of the project was keen to preserve the authenticity of the building.

"Keeping as much of the authenticity as possible, cleaning out extraneous things and reinforcing it so that it doesn't get destroyed later. Promotion, storytelling a lot does: who lived there, how many years, how old is the building as a complex, as a tandem," notes architect Serghei Chiriac.

The project is expected to be completed in September.

"We are making every effort to get it on schedule. All the works foreseen according to the project will be executed, also those questions that arise during the works will be applied solutions. Emphasis is placed on preserving the authenticity of the object, preserving those elements that show us the history that was and that we must preserve for future generations," says site manager Mihai Iazinschi.

The project to rehabilitate the Museum of History and Ethnography in Soroca is financed by the National Fund for Regional and Local Development. The total value of the project is almost 9 million lei. 10 percent of the allocated budget is the contribution of the Soroca District Council.

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