Spiritual film "OGMA" shot in Moldova, tackles the relationship between man and divinity

A new spiritual film called "OGMA" has been released in Moldova. The film was written and directed by Mihai Țărnă and is based on the idea of the relationship between man and divinity.

The film stars Grigore Bechet, Cornelia Corețchi, the late Ștefan Bouroș, and Nicu Țărnă. It was shot in 17 days and nights in the villages of Negrea and Bălăurești.

The film's producer, Mihai Țărnă, said that he was inspired to make the film after hearing a proposal from priest Sergiu Curnic. He said that the film is even more topical in the context of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine.

"We must not forget that our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents went through hunger, went through wars, and when we shot this film in 2017 it was Peace and I never thought that I would release the film now when it's ready, when war times came again," said Curnic.

The film's director, Mihai Țărnă, said that the film is a call to return to some values that have been trivialised by us.

"This cinematographic poem by Mihai Țărnă is a call, in a way even desperate, to return to some values, trivialised by us, criticised, but which, I am absolutely certain, will overcome these times of turbulence and so on and will keep people close to them, because they are true," said Monica Babuc, director of the ICR "M.Eminescu".

The film is being screened in different localities across the country, starting with the villages where it was filmed.

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