Gagauz Autonomous Assembly postpones vote on executive committee for the 7th time

The Gagauz Autonomous Assembly in Comrat failed to vote on the members of the executive committee for the seventh time on Wednesday. The meeting, which began at 4pm, lasted less than ten minutes and was adjourned at the request of Bashkan Evghenia Guțul.

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The meeting lasted exactly seven minutes. Members of the Assembly agreed to wait for Guțul with all the necessary procedures. Therefore, the eighth attempt to approve the executive office will take place in two days. It is interesting that the request and the quick acceptance of the Assembly came after the meeting of Bashkan Guțul with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Oleg Vasnetsov.

The two appear together in a photograph, or rather the three of them, because behind them is a picture of Vladimir Putin. It is most likely that Guțul is not bothered by the fact that Putin has an international arrest warrant for war crimes.

Evghenia Guțul requested the adjournment of the meeting for two more days on the grounds that she wants to modify the list of members of the executive committee in Comrat.

"You came before the deputies, you want to withdraw the list of candidates. What is the reason for the withdrawal? We want to find out an exact answer," a deputy scolded Evghenia Guțul.

"I said that I will refrain from answering," she replied.

Some members of the Assembly believe that there are valid reasons not to vote for this executive and do not understand the delay in this process.

"It is an executive committee that is associated with Ilan Șor and I believe that, as a representative of the power, I do not have the right to vote for such an executive committee. Secondly, they will not be able to have a constructive and pragmatic dialogue with Chișinău. Thirdly, we will be isolated from the outside world," said Alexandr Tarnavschi, vice-president of the Assembly of the Gagauz Autonomous Region.

"We have not had any discussions so far about the candidates for the position of member of the Executive Committee, and this takes time. I cannot understand what kind of game is going on here, otherwise I cannot tell you, and what are the expected results," said Gheorghi Leiciu, vice-president of the Assembly of the Gagauz Autonomous Region.

Evghenia Guțul was inaugurated in July, but she has not been able to form her executive cabinet. The Assembly rejected some candidates appointed from the ranks of the Șor Party, which continues to engage in politics from abroad, even though it is sentenced to 15 years in prison in the Republic of Moldova, and his party was declared unconstitutional due to its dark external funding.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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