Nocturna Bibliotecilor celebrates 14th edition

"Library-sound-image-colour" is the theme of the Nocturna Bibliotecilor (Library Night), a new, creative approach to the evening activities of libraries. The book and reading promotion campaign was held simultaneously in Romania and Moldova, as part of a partnership between the National Associations of Librarians from both countries.

Graphic designer Valeriu Herța demonstrated the method of beautiful writing to participants in a creative workshop. At one point, the artist beautifully rounded the letters and wrote Moldova.

"We promote love for calligraphy, for the art of letters, it doesn't matter when you start, you can be a pensioner and barely walk, but your hand works and calligraphy is even used for therapeutic purposes. Even if calligraphy is a difficult art, it has a certain beauty."

A few Ukrainian refugees came to Nocturna with an unusual performance.

"We want our children not to forget their native language, Ukrainian. We made these puppets from eco-friendly materials, we bring joy to everyone through the old Ukrainian stories in a modern version."

Elena Pintilei, director of the National Library of Moldova, said that Nocturna "reflects the entire activity of libraries, especially public libraries, which are sometimes the work of cultural institutions in the community."

In a dialogue with the young writer Paula Erizanu, participants in the "Vacation of Magic" a reading marathon with a thousand readings organised by the Ion Creangă National Children's Library expressed their emotions after reading their favourite books.

"I don't think we get young readers closer to books if we put the book on a pedestal and tell them how to understand it and we don't give them the chance to express themselves after reading, to express the pleasure they have, but also the frustrations."

Of the 167 students who enrolled in the reading marathon in June, only 106 had the courage to reach the end.

"All summer I was very motivated to read as many books as possible, to accumulate as many new words as possible."

The best readers were awarded with diplomas, book sets, and had a novelty.

"Master Vladimir Beșleagă, our beloved writer, began to donate books from his personal library on the occasion of Nocturna. Our library receives the "One Thousand and One Nights" collection in 15 volumes, a very beautiful collection to browse."

Nocturna Bibliotecilor has reached its 14th edition.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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