Mechanisms for improving energy efficiency, discussed by Minister Victor Parlicov with IMF representatives

The program of vouchers for household appliances, supported by the EU, through UNDP Moldova, would be supported from next year and from the state budget of the country. This was discussed by the Minister of Energy Victor Parlicov with the experts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission.

"The discussion agenda also included the smart meter initiative and the prospect of moving to day/night differential rates to help balance load curves. In the coming months, up to 35 thousand smart meters are to be installed to study consumer behavior and change their consumption habits. The accumulated data will help formulate new policies in the field", reads the Ministry of Energy press release.

During the meeting, Victor Parlicov provided details about the mechanisms being finalized to improve energy efficiency - the Energy Efficiency Residential Fund and the Super ESCO program for public buildings, informs the Ministry of Energy.

"The Minister of Energy reaffirmed that investments in energy efficiency recover in a few years, but subsidies for individuals or support mechanisms from the state are needed in the case of buildings owned by different public authorities. The purpose of the dialogue is to include the field of energy efficiency in the investment priorities of the new Financing Mechanism for resilience and sustainability", Victor Parlicov pointed out, reads the press release of the Ministry of Energy. The IMF mission is led by Clara Mira and will end on October 6.

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