LIVE TEXT // General local elections. In over 600 localities in the country, the mayors were elected in the first round

UPDATE 15:58 Mayors were elected in the first round in 623 localities in the country, said the president of the CEC, Angelica Caraman. In other 265 localities no candidate receives more than half of the number of validly cast votes, which is why within two weeks the second round of voting is organized with two candidates with the highest number of votes in the first ballot ".

UPDATE 06:10 Chisinau: according to the preliminary results presented by the Central Electoral Commission, after the processing of 302 minutes out of a total of 305 - Ion Ceban (MAN) 50.65%, Lilian Carp (PAS) - 28.20%, Adrian Albu ( PSRM) - 4.53%.

In Bălți, the counting of votes was completed, and none of the candidates accumulated more than 50% of the votes. Respectively, Alexandr Petkov (PPPN) with 22.69% of votes, and Corșicova Arina, an independent candidate with 21.52% will compete in the second round.

In Orhei, the mayor will be the candidate of the Alternative Force and Rescue of Moldova Party, Cociu Tatiana with 57.59% of the total number of votes.

UPDATE 00:05 The first preliminary results of the general local elections:

Chisinau - Ion Ceban (MAN) 52.68%, Lilian Carp (PAS) - 27.14%, Adrian Albu (PSRM) - 4.6%.

Balti - Arina Corșicova -22.67%, Alexandr Petkov (PPN Renato Usatîi) - 22.31%

Orhei - Tatiana Cociu 61.4%, Sergiu Stanciu (PAS) 17.58%.

UPDATE 23:20 The first preliminary results of the general local elections:

Chisinau - Ion Ceban (MAN) 53.98%, Lilian Carp (PAS) - 26.07%, Adrian Albu (PSRM) - 4.59%.

Balti - Arina Corșicova -24.48%, Alexandr Petkov (PPN Renato Usatîi) - 22.19%

Orhei - at councilor level - PAS - 28.99%, PSRM - 14.02%, PR - 10.74%

UPDATE 22:30 The first preliminary results of the general local elections:

Chișinău - Ion Ceban (MAN) 54, 49%, Lilian Carp (PAS) - 25%, Adrian Albu (PSRM) - 4,97%.

Bălți - Arina Corșicova -24,24%, Alexandr Petkov (PPN Renato Usatîi) - 24,11%

Orhei - at the level of advisers - PAS - 32,8%, PSRM - 11,18%, PR - 10,08%

UPDATE 21:21 PAS candidate for mayor of Chisinau, Lilian Carp: "The impressions are good after the campaign, it is important that we had a better turnout than in 2019. As I said - it is important that the people come massively to vote, so as to give legitimacy to the future mayor. I don't know if we will have a 2nd round, it all depends on the people's vote".

UPDATE 21:07 PDCM President, Ion Chicu:** "Today's vote, the choice made by each of us, will depend on how our villages and cities will look in the next 4 years. We have every confidence that the citizens of the Republic of Moldova have made a correct choice because the people are always right. I want to thank you, on behalf of all PDCM colleagues, because today, despite fear and pressure, you came to the polls. I thank you for the courage shown today, I thank the candidates of the PDCM and other parties for the courage they showed today"

UPDATE 21:04 **Ion Ceban, the candidate for the position of general mayor of the municipality of Chisinau: ** *The municipality of Chisinau has voted. It's a pretty significant presence. Now, for us who have voted, the most important thing is to ensure the security of the vote and of every resident. We have 12 thousand votes on additional lists, which makes us very vigilant. We will count every vote. *

Carolina Străjescu

Carolina Străjescu


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