Chisinau, 304 minutes processed out of 305: Ion Ceban - 50.58%, Lilian Carp - 22.27%

The current mayor of Chisinau, Ion Ceban, the president of MAN, got the most votes. With 50.58% of the votes, Ceban is ahead of the PAS candidate Lilian Carp who has accumulated 28.27% of votes and has a chance to win the elections in the first round, according to the preliminary data of the Central Electoral Commission. To date, the CEC has processed 304 minutes out of 305 for the municipality of Chisinau.

132,245 citizens voted for Ion Ceban, while Lilian Carp was credited with 73,930 votes.

In the Chisinau Municipal Council, the councilors from Ceban's team will have the most seats, with 33.10% of votes, in second place is PAS with 32.88%, followed by PSRM with 9.64% and PCRM with 4.46%.

According to CEC data, 323,215 voters or 41.43% participated in the elections in Chisinau.

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