LIVE TEXT // The second round of the general local elections is held in 273 localities in the Republic of Moldova

On Sunday, November 19, the second round of general local elections will be held in 273 localities in the Republic of Moldova. Repeated elections are held in eight other localities. About 830 thousand voters are expected at the polls.

LIVE TEXT 07:00 Polling stations have opened. Citizens in the localities where the elections are held can exercise their right to vote until 9:00 p.m..

According to the law, the second round of voting is organized in localities where in the first round no candidate for the position of mayor received more than half of the number of the valid votes cast.

2 candidates will be registered in the ballot, those who have accumulated the highest number of votes in the first round of the elections. Exceptions are the village of Cotova, from Drochia district as well as Todiresti commune from Ungheni district, where only one candidate will be registered in the ballot.

Also, on November 19, repeated elections will be organized in eight localities in the country, that is, both mayors and councilors will be elected.

The Central Electoral Commission warns that according to the Electoral Code, electoral agitation is strictly forbidden on election day.

"During this period, candidates are not allowed to appear in elections on television or radio programs. Also, the local public administration and advertising broadcasters have the obligation to remove electoral advertising materials. At the same time, electoral contestants cannot make transfers to/from the "Electoral Fund" account, the The Central Electoral Commission press release states.

Persons who will break the restrictions provided by the Electoral Code risk being penalized with a fine of 40 to 60 conventional units for individuals and 100-150 conventional units for legal entities.

According to the electoral legislation, in the second round of voting, the elections are declared valid in each electoral district, if at least 20 percent of the number of people registered in the electoral lists in that locality participate in them.

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