Maia Sandu, congratulatory message on the occasion of Romania’s National Day: "Romania is the fiercest advocate on our European road"

For the Republic of Moldova, Romania is a pillar of resistance and is the fiercest advocate on our European path, declared the head of state Maia Sandu on the occasion of Romania's National Day. The president claims that "the past binds us, but the future binds us even more. We are bound by the desire to build a fair and good society for all our citizens".

"Romania is loved in the Republic of Moldova, for the constant help, but, above all, for the things that unite us - the language handed down with love by our parents, the history from which we learn many lessons of dignity, and the culture that builds the most stable bridges. Romania is loved here for what it does, but mostly for what it is. And I know that Moldova is also loved in Romania. Romania, over the years, has loved us unconditionally, without expecting laurels or benefits. Romania gave us light, literally, when we needed it the most, it helps us to modernize the localities, to save the lives of the citizens on the left bank of the Prut through the SMURD emergency medical service, it helped us during the pandemic crisis ", said Maia Sandu.

Romanians everywhere celebrate Romania's National Day on December 1. This date, established by a law promulgated in 1990, marks an important moment in the history of the neighboring country, the one in which the Great Assembly in Alba Iulia voted for the union of Transylvania with Romania, in 1918. On the occasion of Romania's National Day, over 1,500 military personnel and about 130 technical means, of which 40 aircraft, will parade on December 1st at the Military Parade, in Bucharest's Triumphal Arch Square.

We remind that a contingent of the National Army will also participate in the parade.


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