Igor Grosu, message on Romania's National Day: "The Republic of Moldova has always felt Romania's support"

The Parliament Speaker, Igor Grosu, sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of Romania's Day, expressing Moldovans' gratitude towards the neighboring country. The Parliament Speaker emphasized the importance of the close connection between the two states, highlighting the constant support that Romania has given to the Republic of Moldova in various fields.

Igor Grosu expressed gratitude to all Romanians for the responsiveness and promptness with which they respond to the needs of the Republic of Moldova and our citizens.

"The Republic of Moldova has always felt Romania's support by its side, which helped us to go through crises more easily, but also to start building a better future. Romania has been and remains our firm supporter on an economic, political, diplomatic, cultural, educational level. Together we build bridges, kindergartens, museums, culture halls, gas pipelines, eliminate roaming tariffs, get rid of energy dependence on Russia. The support offered is felt by our citizens from all regions - something for which we thank you", Igor Grosu pointed out.

The Parliament Speaker also emphasized that European integration is a major objective of the Republic of Moldova, which can be achieved with the support of our friends from Bucharest, because Romania's voice is important within the European Union, and the Romanian MEPs are our lawyers in Brussels.

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