Divided opposition seeks unity after election setback

Moldovan opposition parties staged a meeting on Wednesday to analyse the outcome of the 2023 local elections – an event marked by internal divisions and differing perspectives on the path forward.

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Several parties, underperforming in the polls, voiced concerns about alleged government interference in the electoral process. PSRM municipal councillor Igor Dodon urged a united front, calling for “a single position to liberate the state of Moldova” regardless of ideological differences.

While Adrian Lebedinschi, a BCS MP, confirmed ongoing efforts towards solidifying the opposition, his colleague Bogdan Țîrdea expressed scepticism, acknowledging “minimal progress” due to “many problems and contradictions.”

PAS President Igor Grosu dismissed the unification efforts, comparing them to watching “how water flows, how fire burns, and how they unite.”

Meanwhile, Dragoș Galbur, leader of the National Moldovan Party, declined an invitation to the meeting, criticising the presence of what he described as “representatives of the Kremlin.”

PSRM, notably, lost 62 mayoralties compared to the 2019 elections, securing only 144.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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