Journalist and poet Zina Izbaș launched a new book - "Eternal prayer for the nation"

"Eternal prayer for the nation" is the title of Zina Izbaș's new book. The launch, which took place at the "Onisifor Ghibu" library, began with a carol.

Imagine simbol/Facebook/Zina Izbaș
Sursa: Imagine simbol/Facebook/Zina Izbaș

The book brings together poems of patriotic inspiration, a dominant feature in Zina Izbaș's work.

"Permanently in my soul, because since I was born with Constantin Brâncoveanu's ballad recited by my mother, I think that since then this feeling for the Romanian nation entered with all its intensity and never left me", declared Zina Izbaș, journalist and poet.

"It is a declared patriotism in favour of Romanian culture, of the Motherland with which Zina Izbaș identifies," said Aliona Grati, habilitation doctor.

"I know her from the first projects: ARS Adolescentina, the promotion of young talents from the Republic of Moldova, but I also know her very well as a poet. It is the 13th book released by Zina Izbaș. Here we find ourselves, here we think about where we come from, who we are", says Svetlana Manuil, teacher.

"When I took Zina Izbaș's book in my hand, it stirred my heart and soul, because we all live with the same pain, with the same desire to reunite with the motherland as soon as possible", said Angela Cărăuș, actress, Emeritus Artist.

"Zinaida Izbaș is a soul, an ardent Romanian and her poetry is Romanian," said Ion Iovcev, former director of the "Lucian Blaga" High School in Tiraspol.

Students from the National College of Commerce gave a poetry recital from Zina Izbaș's new book.

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