Maia Sandu: "Russia's aggression endangers the entire continent"

Russia's war against Ukraine strikes again close to the Republic of Moldova, President Maia Sandu said, after today's discovery of drone remains in the south of the country. The head of state claims that this reminds us of the grim realities we face.

“Russia’s war on Ukraine hits close to home in Moldova — again. The discovery of Shahed drone debris in southern Moldova today serves as another stark reminder of the grim reality we face. Russia’s aggression endangers the entire continent. Support for Ukraine must continue”, wrote Maia Sandu on the X platform.

We remind you that fragments of a "Shahed" type drone were detected in the area of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, near the town of Etulia, Vulcăneşti district, informs the Border Police. Access to the region has been restricted. The law enforcement officers state that there are no risks or dangers for the communities in the area, all strict measures being taken to maintain public safety.

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