PAS candidate Alexei Percemlî wins the elections in Bubuieci

Following the repeated elections in Bubuieci commune, Chisinau municipality, Percemlî Alexei, the candidate of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) got the most votes. According to preliminary data presented by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), the PAS candidate obtained 891 votes out of 1,748 votes validly cast.

According to the CEC, in the elections on Sunday, February 11, the turnout at the polls was 22.26% of the number of voters included in the electoral lists.

Under the provisions of the Electoral Code, repeated voting is considered valid regardless of the number of voters participating in the voting. "The candidate for the position of mayor is considered elected if he has received more than half of the validly cast votes of the voters who came to the polls," states the CEC.

According to preliminary data, Alexei Percemlî from PAS got 891 votes, Igor Moraru from the Liberal Party - 562 votes, Lilia Purteanu from the Party of Development and Consolidation of Moldova - 112 votes, Gheorghii Mocan from the Communist Party - 83 votes, Alun Dodi from the Party of Change - 55 votes, Victor Grinco from the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova - 45 votes.

We remind you that the CEC annulled the results of the first-round elections held on November 5, 2023, in which the MAN candidate, Leonid Umaneț won, after the Ministry of Education and Research announced that he would not hold a general education diploma - a mandatory condition for the candidates.

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