Diplomatic Meeting: Moldova-Romania Collaboration Strengthens

The President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, met with Nicolae Ciucă, President of the Romanian Senate.

Discussions focused on European integration, energy security, and economic cooperation. Grosu highlighted Romania's unwavering support for Moldova.

"Romania stands by Moldova. Nicolae Ciucă, our reliable ally, reaffirmed this commitment," Grosu stated.

Despite challenges, Moldova has made progress with Romania's assistance. Romanian expertise in EU accession and legislative alignment has been instrumental. Key projects, like the Suceava-Bălți power line and Prut River bridges, aim to enhance connectivity and citizens' lives.

Romania remains Moldova's top trading partner. Grosu commended the Economic Forum's success, hoping for increased foreign investment. Both leaders vowed to maintain regional peace, celebrating spring with children from "Concordia" Placement Center.

Nicolae Ciucă, visiting Chișinău, expressed solidarity amid security challenges.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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