Special Status, Special Problems: Chișinău's Caregiver Crisis

Personal assistants in Chișinău are demanding equal pay to their counterparts across the country, but the city government claims it lacks sufficient funds in its municipal budget to cover these social services.

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Consequently, Chișinău officials are seeking state funding to bridge the gap.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection clarified that the municipality can finance personal assistant salaries through its own revenue and designated transfers from the state budget. However, Chișinău argues that its current budget allocation is insufficient.

This week, city officials will meet with parliamentarians to request their intervention in securing state funding for Chișinău's personal assistant salaries. Numerous organisations have already appealed to both Parliament and the Government, urging a mature and civil discussion to overcome this deadlock.

The situation is further complicated by Chișinău's distinct legal status. Unlike other administrative units included in the national "Restart" reform, Chișinău remains excluded due to its special legal position. This exclusion creates hurdles for Chișinău to access funding streams available to other parts of the country.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection maintains that Chișinău has the capacity to ensure funding for personal assistants through a combination of its own resources and state transfers. However, the city officials insist that they require additional state support to meet the national pay standards for caregivers.

This dispute highlights the challenges of ensuring equitable access to social services across different administrative regions in Moldova. It remains to be seen whether Chișinău will secure the additional funding it seeks or be forced to find alternative solutions to address the caregiver pay disparity.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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