Election scandal: Moldovan parties broke the law

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has ordered two parties and an electoral bloc to return illegally received state budget allocations.

The political parties 'Renaissance' and 'Our Party' are required to reimburse the budget approximately 30,000 lei and over 68,000 lei, respectively. The electoral bloc 'Ruslan Codreanu' must also pay the state budget the amount it received over the legal limit, exceeding 41 thousand.

The Commission has suspended state budget payments to the People's Power and Christian-Social Union parties, which form the 'Ruslan Codreanu' bloc. Additionally, the CEC has sanctioned five parties for repeated violations, including failing to submit campaign financing reports for the November 5 local elections. These parties – the People's Power, Christian-Social Union, Green Ecologist Party, Patriots of Moldova, and New Historical Option – will not receive budget allocations for two months, starting April 1. The CEC's decisions follow an examination of the parties' campaign finance reports.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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