Over 370 farmers who suffered losses following the calamities of last summer applied for financial support

The process of receiving requests for financial aid from farmers affected by the natural calamities of 2023 has ended, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry announces. Thus, 372 requests were registered, of which 363 are for the compensation of the damage caused by last year's drought to the corn crop, and another 9 for the compensation of the damage caused by the storm of July 25, 2023 to the fixed assets (fruit plantations or greenhouses) in the district Edinet.

The most requests for financial support were submitted by farmers from the districts: Cahul - 132 requests, Cantemir - 93 requests, Ștefan Vodă - 43 requests, Vulcănești - 29 requests, Taraclia - 19 requests, Leova - 19 requests. Financial resources will be granted to applicants in the form of direct payment per ha.

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