Rita Lefter-Simașco: New Member of Central Electoral Commission

Rita Lefter-Simașco was appointed as a member of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). A draft decision regarding this matter was voted on by 53 deputies.

She has worked in the General Directorate of Economy, Reforms, and Heritage Relations, as well as in the General Directorate of Economy, Trade, and Tourism of the Chisinau Municipal Council.

Since September 2021, Rita Lefter-Simașco has been active in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, serving as a counsellor and chief of staff for the "Action and Solidarity Party" Faction.

Rita Lefter-Simașco's candidacy was put forward by the "Action and Solidarity Party" Faction following Ludmila Lupașco's resignation from the position of CEC member. The Central Electoral Commission is a collegial body consisting of nine members.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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