Sakura Blossoms Paint Comrat Park in Spring Splendor

Comrat's central park has transformed into a vibrant spectacle as the sakura trees have erupted into bloom.

For several days, these renowned Japanese cherry trees, nearly 30 of which were planted over a decade ago, have attracted a steady stream of visitors. People come to relax, admire the breathtaking scenery, and capture photos amidst the flowering branches.

"We came from Turkey to visit Comrat and meet our friends. As we walked through the park, we were drawn to the crowds near the cherry blossoms. It's a tree native to Japan, but we're delighted to see it here as well. The surroundings are truly beautiful," remarked a visitor.

"The sight is remarkably beautiful and inspiring. We sit and admire, and just now we've noticed that in the past two years, we've overlooked this splendour. Perhaps we simply didn't have the time to visit before. Now, we're here and thoroughly enjoying ourselves," another visitor commented.

"Imagine, I even skipped work today to be here with my girlfriends and take in this view. I love everything about this space; it's clear that the plants are well-maintained. It's wonderful that people take care of this beauty so that we can feel comfortable and happy," a third visitor added.

Comrat's park boasts approximately 30 sakura trees.

"The trees were planted in 2013, and they quickly provided shade in the park, and of course, added beauty," explained Anna Mitul, head of Green Spaces Comrat. "It's a fast-growing tree, grafted onto a simple cherry variety. This is the Japanese sakura, or kanzan. Last year, we planted another 10 sakura trees at the park exit, which have also bloomed and are quite lovely. Soon, the dogwood will flower as well. It will be just as beautiful, but of course, the sakura blooms earlier. As a result, people come here throughout the day to stroll. I'm delighted to see everyone enjoying the atmosphere."

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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