Moldova Extends Census, Warns Against Bank Info Fraud

More than 400,000 people and roughly 290,000 homes have been enumerated since the commencement of this year's national census in Moldova, according to data presented by government spokesperson Daniel Vodă at a press conference.

"This significant number of individuals who willingly participated demonstrates public support for the census," Vodă stated.

He also addressed a new scam tactic related to the collection of census data. The government spokesperson urged the population to be vigilant and refrain from disclosing bank details to anyone posing as an enumerator.

"Census data is collected exclusively on tablets during in-person interviews," Vodă emphasised. "Please disregard calls from individuals claiming to be enumerators and requesting personal information. Enumerators will not solicit responses by phone; they will visit your residence. The census questionnaire excludes questions about bank details, and you should only provide answers to representatives officially employed by the National Institute of Statistics."

The population and housing census, which began on April 8, will run until July 7. This critical national statistical exercise provides vital demographic data. The census will take three months, a longer duration compared to the 2014 census which was conducted over two weeks.

For the first time, over 4,000 enumerators are using electronic tablets to collect data on individuals and dwellings. It is important to note that those who refuse to complete the census questionnaires and cannot be persuaded otherwise risk facing fines. If homeowners are not present during the initial visit, enumerators are authorised to conduct up to four follow-up visits to their residence.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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